Wednesday, June 11, 2008

via EW -- keith O and scottie mcCee and chairman john conyers

if you have ever wondered why there
is some of dick cheney's own hand-
writing, scribbled on his forehead, in
the masthead, and main right side-bar
image, here -- well, wonder no more.

rather than reading about 50 less-
cogent posts of mine, just go read this
one post by emptywheel.

scottie mcCee is about to make dick
cheney's atrocious penmanship front-
page news, once again!

the last time, patrick fitzgerald did so,
in his summation, before the jury in the
felony trial of one i. lewis "scooter"
libby -- a trial that resulted in four felony
convictions (out of five charged offenses).

read (and watch) EW's now:

. . .In a continuation of our "All Things Scottie" this week, here's Scottie McC's appearance last night with Keith Olbermann. The whole thing is worth watching, but I wanted to capture what he said about the Plame Affair (starting at about 1:45). . .


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