Monday, February 26, 2007

and so, now we wait for a verdict. . .


11:00 a.m. -- 02.26.07


Judge Walton:
[per live-blog-feed at f.d.l.]

". . .The court does not think there is any reason
to believe this jury was irresponsible. . . They
have deliberated for two and one half days; the court
doesn't want to throw away that work. If something
does unforseeably happen to another juror, then we
still have the option of recalling the alternates. . .

So, rather than throw away their. . . effort, I
will allow them to continue their deliberations. . ."

w h e w!

over at firedoglake, it's beginning
to look a lot like "fitz-mas," so here
is my small add to the graphics party:

not much to do, until there is
a verdict. . . and, i'll be out of
the country for a week starting
wednesday -- with a dodgy internet
connection -- so it may be that i'll
need to play catch-up, after being
quiet here for a spell. . .

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