Saturday, June 14, 2008

response to john dean: the failure, so far, has been congress...

EW's latest is flawless -- as an answer to John Dean's suggesting that Patrick Fitzgerald may have been "outfoxed" by the White House -- on Plame. One quote:

". . .Large amounts of OVP email have disappeared, under extremely dubious technical circumstances, for the days when Cheney and Libby were concocting their cover story. . ."

Here's another:
". . .Enter the abundant circumstantial evidence that Cheney ordered the leak of Plame's identity into the Congressional Record. In doing so, force the Republicans and the Bush Administration to decide, once and for all, who ordered the leak, who authorized it, and whether they're really claiming they did so legally.

Pit Bush and Cheney against each other. One way or another, Cheney's and Bush's interests on this issue do not coincide. It would take very little to force Bush to throw Cheney over the side in an attempt to preserve his own reputation. And that's a fight I'd like to see--not least, because it would uncover many new details about what happened. . ."

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