Thursday, March 20, 2008

per EW: "One Corrupt Lawyer Disbarred (Yes, Scooter Libby!!)"

to go read it, click below -- as EW so cogently sez:

"An entire party full of corrupt lawyers yet to be disbarred. "A three-judge panel on the D.C. Court of Appeals stripped Libby of his ability to practice law after he was found guilty last year of obstructing the investigation in the CIA leak investigation, WTOP radio reported." Next up, Alberto Gonzales? Harriet Miers? John Yoo? David Addington?. . ."

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Liberality said...

well at least there is some small justice in this world.

nolo said...

yep -- and the pardon, if
it comes, or the commutation,
if it is attempted (for this),
will not work. this one "sticks",
as a matter of law.

p e a c e