Wednesday, March 19, 2008

cheney -- on pursuing a deadly course that 2/3rds of america opposes -- "so?"

think progress has it, on video.

it is only about 45 seconds -- but
it is of truly-napoleonic proportions. . .

do go watch.

or just click below, now:

[higher-res version]

he is a wanna'-be emperor.

d i c k.

three-and-a-half years
is no "fluctuation", mr.
clusterf#@k. . .


[UPDATE: back-up data for AP poll
graphic in my video follows.]


thepoetryman said...

It was from the flat water
And husks of Nebraska
With her sadistic winters
That loosed the skulking evil.

Writhing near the seats of appointed kings
It plays upon inhabitants
As if channeling Stradivari-claws,
And we, the quivering bow
Wrenched within its hold,
Sense the heartbeat of wickedness
Driving us awkwardly over horror.

It is this creature’s blackheart
That breathes within our wound,
A miserable thump away from Caesar’s fantasy,
The emperor of tyranny.

The tramping evil must not reign
For it shall quite likely be our end.

As with Caesar’s many campaigns,
Triumph choked in massive death,
So too has this beast wrenched its gutless,
Livid fingers over kingdom's child.

Far removed from the plains of home
It now breathes upon the abrasion
Slickly coursing over Mesopotamia,
Tossing, heaping its human devices
Upon the harsh climate of her capture.

Hovering too near the seats of kings
It gnaws at flesh toward its dawn.

Bustednuckles said...


Dick Cheney can go Fuck himself.

nolo said...

great poem, poetryman!

and busted knuckles, he
can actually go "leahy himself!"

s m i l e s

-- nolo