Thursday, March 20, 2008

dick -- mr. "so?" -- cheney-the-arrogant, debunked.

the raw footage is everywhere,
but, for whatever reason, tonight, i
feel an abiding need to speak truth
into the face of his arrogance
. this
man is paid by me -- he works for
me -- he is supposed to listen to me.

dick -- are you listening? two-thirds
of us, your bosses -- we are speaking to
you -- and we have been, for nearly three
and one half years, now. this is not a
fleeting "fluctuation" of fickle opinion.

this is almost all of your second term.

[this is the sort of arrogance
that, over eight-hundred-years ago,
brought sir william wallace's steel
to bear mightily, upon the reign
if england's edward longshanks,
dick -- be mindful of your tone
with me. if you act like a king,
you may expect the same eventual
outcome -- the end of your way of
governing. . . and perhaps, the
end of your continued-liberty.


the back-up data for the AP poll
graphic in my video is here

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