Saturday, October 13, 2007

O/T -- going to see this movie -- will report back. . .

UPDATED 10.13.07
@ midnight. . .


go see "across the universe".

no. seriously. dude. do.

there are a hundred good reasons
to do so, and perhaps a half of those
relate to the topics this blog covers.

the war protests -- and war sequences,
alone, are worth the price of admission.

but here may be the best reason -- have
you ever heard "i wanna hold your hand"
offered, not as a joyous, if silly, anthem,
but instead as a melancholy, "wanna-be, but
", piner's lament?

listen to a few measures -- t.v. carpio's
transcendent warbles left my jaw a-slack.

here is about 50 seconds of it [full theatre
trailer appears below this, the updated portion]:

p e a c e


if nothing else, the
vietnam war scenes/protests
will likely resonate rather deeply. . .

i'll report back, either way. . .

p e a c e


Surfergirl said...

hail thee maker of the you tube clip!
first, thanks for commenting and because i did use your clip and called the text cheesy--well, im sorry. its just that in my honest/humble opinion, the clip could have done better without the 'go go go watch watch watch' message. BUT. yep i did use it, and it's Yours. so i guess i shouldn't have complained.
and i did not delete your 'cheesy' joke --it automatically went to the spam comments section.

peace from across the universe.

nolo said...

fret not, surfergirl --

i actually wrote to say
the text IS cheesy -- but
us yanks need prdding to
do ANYTHING worthwhile, thus
my admonitions as an overlay
in her video -- so, we're all
cool; cool?

do enjoy -- the vid -- and
the full feature film!

p e a c e

-- out