Sunday, October 14, 2007

how much of ex-qwest-c.e.o. joseph nacchio's evidence should we believe?

yes, he is a convicted felon.

[UPDATES here.]

yes, his well-paid lawyers are looking
for every possible avenue of appeal, to
stave off his six year prison sentence. . .
and yes, convicted felons, facing prison,
have been known to offer additional lies,
in final, desperate, attempts to avoid their
date with the orange jumpsuit. . .

but it seems at least some of the documents
unsealed on wednesday, in the 10th circuit
court of appeals, in denver, support mr.
nacchio's extremely bold-faced assertion
that he was pressured -- prior to 9/11 -- to
grant arguably unconstitutional law-enforcement
warrantless access to wholly innocent americans'
private telecom records, and conversations. . .

[his contention seems to be that he was then
targeted by the government, for refusing to "knuckle-
" to these unconstitutional spying demands. . .

i may ultimately do a review of the relative-
strength of nacchio's insider trading conviction
evidence, at some point, by comparing it to
similarly-situated charges/dismissals/convictions,
from that period. . . we'll see. . .

the new york times has already done it, and
this looks pretty solid -- a lot of trades
WHILE information is being disclosed; then
a lot of trades before more is disclosed -- and
nacchio was only convicted on the latter ones
. . .

how does that compare to other cases?

we'll see. . .]

while the denver post was first to report it,
and the wa po followed on it -- the new york
offers a deeper, fleshed-in, perspective
this morning -- sans the actual evidence, mind you. . .

but that won't last long -- even if
i have to digitize it all, myself. . .

this will be fascinating -- and i will post
portions of the best unsealed documents right
here -- for the world to see -- that cheney, and
his one-trick-pony-george-dubbya were well on
their way to shredding our constitutional rights,
long before the mantra of "nine-eleven-
" even existed. . .

we shall see -- and learn -- much from this
particularly throaty, if felonious, canary,
joe nacchio. . . he did run a telecom, you know.


Liberality said...

wow! I had not heard of this anywhere. I'll be back to learn more.

nolo said...

thanks for dropping in, lib!

actually, we will all hear a
lot more on this -- as my next
post indicates, house judiciary
committee chairman john conyers,
democrat, michigan, has written
for "immediate explanations" from
the director of national intel, and the assistant AG for national

those sealed documents in denver
will likely be unsealed very soon.

p e a c e