Friday, October 12, 2007

mrs. cheney's "fact-free" admin-spin -- STOPPED, cold -- on "the daily show" -- october 10, 2007

tonight's "nightly nolo" segment
actually covers events of two days
past -- when mrs. cheney, unwisely,
it turns out, decided to offer some
of her generally-unchallenged-on-fox
spinning-points about her husband, dick,
and his side-kick, george, and their
"spotless" record on terror over these last
six-plus years. . .

yep, as you might have guessed, -- mrs.
cheney, for stewart, offers the proverbial
hangin' curve-ball. . . can you say "good-
bye mr. spaulding
?" -- sure you can.

wow! it's out on waveland avenue(!). . .

in under a minute and fifteen seconds, jon
leaves lynne in the position of defending the
idea that two bombings in london, and one
in madrid, "don't matter to american interests."

they "don't count," do they, mr./mrs. cheney?

this is the best antiseptic to such false
pufffery -- the bright sunshine of truth!

thank you, and bless you, jon stewart!

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