Saturday, July 7, 2007

more on sara taylor -- sen. patrick leahy should buy NONE of this debevoise & plimpton horse-manure!

UPDATED: sara taylor still
will appear wed., per spokesperson
for senator leahy -- unclear whether
she will simply assert privilege. . .

first up! -- here is sen. leahy's reaction:

The White House continues to try to have it both ways — to block Congress from talking with witnesses and accessing documents and other evidence while saying nothing improper occurred. I hope the White House stops this stonewalling and accepts my offer to negotiate a workable solution to the Committee’s oversight requests, as so many previous White Houses have. . .

very good. but, i'd go a quite a bit
beyond this admittedly-weekend, off-
the-cuff-reaction, and all-too-modest
response, here, senator leahy (see below).


perhaps tomorrow, i just uploaded an image
(see top) from the letter written today, by sara taylor's
lawyer at debevoise & plimpton, w. neil eggleston.

but before i do, i simply must remark -- have these
people no shame, at all? i mean -- c'mon!

let's see here -- by her own lawyer's admission,
ms. sara taylor has spent most of her adult
professional life working for president bush.
ms. taylor spent a very good portion of these last
three years, mere steps away from the president,
and karl rove. she was so comfortable in this
role -- at least while at the height of her
apparently estimable powers
-- that she held
forth, in e-mail, about firing a fine united
states attorney. this is the same ms. taylor who
called that able united states attorney "lazy",
in writing, to a wide distribution list.

see immediately below:

it would seem she was -- at least, once -- well-
versed in the art of battle with sharpened sticks,
as is apparently this particular brand-of-republicans'
favorite "political" martial arts style. . .

then, she quit her white house post.

now, her lawyers would have us -- and perhaps, more
importantly -- chairman leahy, see her as a honorable,
ethical, loyal servant. caught between "two warring
", we are told she is. . . and, we are asked why
she should have to choose between defying a senate
subpoena, and ending her career in the republican-
hate-as-politics-world, should she dare to comply
with the terms of the senate judiciary subpoena.

the answer, here -- of course! -- is that she already
made her choice. she just doesn't like it, now that
she serves a team no longer able to tilt the playing
field so completely in its own favor, and against its
opponents. boo-hoo. no one will give her a job, if
she crosses the president, dick cheney, karl rove
and alberto gonzales, this wednesday. . .
well -- "hard cheese, old bean."

were i senator leahy, i'd hold her feet to the fire.

she was certainly ready to hold bud cummins' feet to
the fire
, just a few months back. she shouldn't be
worried about job prospects -- she, (like halderman,
or liddy, circa 1972), ought to be worried about jail for
contempt of congress. . . she has already chosen this
difficult path -- perhaps years ago -- but she did
choose it, just the same.

senator leahy -- do not buy the debevoise & plimpton
horse manure. she faces a difficult choice.

that is the way the karmic wheel spins. . .

to be plain[er], i find it funny that mr. eggleston
believes he can tell the senate judiciary committee that
he wants to wait for a court order. his client has been
served a lawfully-issued subpoena. by his own admission,
she possesses no privilege. she must comply, or face contempt.

the "normal" approach here, of course -- if
the bush-cheney white house actually thinks it will
prevail on its privilege claim -- would be to file for an
emergency t.r.o. (temporary restraining order), the aim of
which, ultimately would be to enjoin the senate from taking
taylor's testimony. but that burden must rest
squarely on the white house -- and its lawyers.

senator leahy must not surrender the high ground he
has won -- no, now simply force messrs. bush and cheney
and rove to sue to prevent a private citizen from
testifying truthfully
(her lawyer says she did nothing
unlawful). make bush-cheney "own" the result of closing
the doors on the senate judiciary committee's quest for
the truth about matters vital to our republic.

do it. do it, senator leahy!

and so, deal with it, mr. eggleston (and ms. taylor). . .
politics is not a polite game of "go fish". . .

here endeth my sermon.

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