Sunday, July 8, 2007

senator schumer -- VIDEO! -- lights a july 8, 2007 signal-fire re libby's commutation!

now, this is hardball!

and this is the way we do it, downtown. . .

here, senator chcuck schumer suggests that
there was a darker purpose behind choosing
commutation over outright pardon. . .

he also suggests that he and senator leahy
may yet call patrick fitzgerald to talk about
the cloud over the vice president -- to
essentially restate his closing summation
from the libby criminal trial, before a
senate judiciary committee (read: televised!)
hearing, in the near future. . . YES!

do watch it -- it is only 1:48 long. . .

[h/t to FDL, for alerting me to
schumer's statments, on video. . .]

more to come, later this afternoon. . .

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