Thursday, May 10, 2007

mash-up of gonzales' testimony -- live video! -- just what planet is he from?

see immediately below, but
this one focuses on the data
i set forth in this post
. . .

more videos to come, shortly. . .

here, though, representative artur
davis, elected out of alabama's 7th
district, simply tears mr. gonzales
-- piece by piece -- with
the data linked, above -- and charted, below.

in response, mr. gonzales feebly
remarks that it would be
"improper" for his office to "keep
" of such partisan data. and yet,
his own office of professional standards,
and the office of inspector general,
have both agreed to make summaries of
exactly this same data set available. . .
to senators leahy and whitehouse, and,
ultimately (in redacted form), to the public.

given the troubling trend clearly seen
in the data collected thus far, the availability
of the actual summary DoJ data set -- on public
corruption investigations, by party-affiliation-of-
-- is plainly required.

now, take a look at "installment one", from
today's testimony. . .

what a tool alberto gonzales is!


the image immediately below contains
the actual tabular study data, from
which the above pie-charts were rendered. . .

now, a sincere h/t to tpmmuckraker,
and to the authors of the above-
quoted study, prof. donald c.
shields (professor emeritus at
the university of missouri -- st.
louis), and prof. john f. cragan
(professor emeritus at illinois
state), for all their careful data
collection and expert analysis, here. . .

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