Thursday, May 10, 2007

alberto gonzales' testimony -- fantasy photo-op edition!

okay -- if he holds true to
form, here, alberto gonzales'
hearing testimony in a few minutes
from now will be an endless parade
of "i don't recall rememberings'. . ."
and "it was all other peoples' fault. . ."

y a w n. . .

so -- i've created, in pixels, the
moment i'd most like to see -- if i
could have a unicorn to ride to work
in the morning, and a life-size matter-
horn, all made out of swiss-chocolate
right in my back-yard. . . yeh. about that.

take a look -- click to enlarge:

and, yeah -- this is live, now -- the hearing stream.

i will update, if he actually
says anything truthful, or interesting.

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