Thursday, May 3, 2007

WHY senators leahy and whitehouse wrote to the DoJ today

or, a picture's worth 1kb words. . .

after a lot of work on the pixels,
let me set forth some pretty good
evidence that senators patrick leahy
and sheldon whitehouse ought to be
very concerned that alberto gonzales has
not been entirely candid about how
his DoJ actually operates, in the
investigation and prosecution of
public corruption cases -- so it
is fortunate that they wrote to
obtain the data summaries directly
from the "internal affairs" department of
the department of justice
, today. . .
as ever, click to expand the images:

the image immediately below contains
the actual tabular study data, from
which the above pie-charts were rendered. . .

now, a sincere h/t to tpmmuckraker,
and to the authors of the above-
quoted study, prof. donald c.
shields (professor emeritus at
the university of missouri -- st.
louis), and prof. john f. cragan
(professor emeritus at illinois
state), for all their careful data
collection and expert analysis, here. . . g'night.


George Bullock, Tulsa said...

It is ABOUT TIME this information has come to light. I came across this more than a month ago and wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper and also e-mailed Senator Coburn with the information. My letter got published and I've not heard back from Coburn. (He probably knows I worked on his last opponent's campaign.) Someone needs to go to jail over this.

nolo said...

good on ya', george bullock!

i hear ya'. . .

when the department of justice
delivers the actual summary data
senators leahy and whitehouse just
asked for, another analysis of that
data will need be conducted, to be
sure the DoJ data doesn't "accident-
ally" omit some of the
investigations [presumably of some
of the democrats], which these two
professors have been able to
document. . .

then, with the DoJ's own summary in
hand, and assuming the discriminatory
prosecution pattern holds, i agree:

karl rove and dick cheney and alberto
gonzales and yes, george bush. . .

should all be indicted.

will it happen before january 21, 2009?

not too likely. but we'll see.

thanks for the fine comment!

do stop back by, and check in
on us from time to time, okay?

we'll try to keep it interesting.