Saturday, April 14, 2007

white house agrees to framework on e-mail forensic expert

or -- "hard-hats on!" -- let's
get a'-data-mining underway, pronto!

this is really just an
update, but an important one,
to my post on the latest
bi-partisan letter from
the senate judiciary committee,
to white house counsel fred
-- the white
house will work with the
judiciary committee early
in the coming week to select
a forensic e-mail expert to
begin recovery of up to five
million missing white house/r.n.c.
e-mails. these documents are
required to be preserved by the
presidential records act [a law
enacted after watergate, to avoid
a repeat of the rosemary woods
18 minute gap in the white house
audio-tapes -- made by then-president
richard milhouse nixon]. odd, that
history not only echoes, it ryhmes. . .

but i digress. . .

. . .The White House said Saturday it
is agreeing to the Senate Judiciary Committee's
request for how to choose someone to help
recover some lost e-mails involving
official presidential business. . .

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