Saturday, April 14, 2007

easy-format image of the monica goodling US attorney spreadsheet

or, "why the hatch act exists. . ."

as many now know, the department
of justice delivered additional
documents yesterday
, in response
to congressional oversight investi-
gations underway at both the house
and senate judiciary committees.

i am pretty darn sure i've put
these images together correctly,
but if anyone -- ANYONE -- believes
otherwise, i would ask that they
let me know in the comment-section below.

there has been much written
in the last 20 hours about the
appearance that membership in the
federalist society is an important
"plus-factor" for job assignments
in alberto gonzales' department of
justice. . . but no one has shown
the actual document in question.

until now, that is.

that is because it was produced
as a "landscape" copy on a "letter
format" piece of copy paper.

so -- to accurately depict the
original document, i have stitched
the two pages together, 0132, and
0136, labeling the first -- 0132 -- in
green ink, and the second -- 0136 -- in
black ink, to make clear that it was
produced as two separate pages. these
pages appear in EOUSA 127-150.pdf,
as internal pages 6 and 10. . .

i have high-lighted the most-inter-
esting cells in blue, and included
the february 12, 2007 cover-memo
under which monica goodling presumably
received this document (set above). the
headings of many columns don't appear
on later pages, as the excel spread-
sheet was, apparently, created as one
long, electronic, page.

it has been widely reported that
rachel paulose was/is a member of the
federalist society, so i have noted
that fact below. [click on the images
to see enlarged versions.]

now -- to be clear, while this may suggest
wide-spread violations of the hatch act
occurred at DoJ on alberto gonzales' watch, it
is MORE important to note that mr. gonzales
said that these decisions were "not based on
political reasons
. . ."

that was plainly untrue.

and, for that alone, he should resign.

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