Friday, April 13, 2007

mail -- we've got congressional mail, here!

or, how subpoenas alter the landscape. . .

before the day gets away, i want to
remind everyone that not only alberto
is getting these "preserve
your e-mail" love letters from rep.
henry waxman. . . no, by my count,
every member of the cabinet received
one, last night -- including the secre-
tary of state, condoleezza rice. in
fact, i'll use hers for the excerpts
below to make my point plain[er]:

this entire administration seems to
be awash in "lost little orphan"-R.N.C. e-mails. . .
[click images to see full-size.]

karl rove's
accounts and addresses are
particularly dodgy, here. . .

"rut ro, mr. rove. . ."

this final bit places the whole
cabinet "under a cloud" -- due
to the acts of (presumably) a few
cavalier individuals -- but it will
definitely cause the truth to come out:

now, note -- in a bipartisan
show of commitment to the rule
of law, and the principles of
ordered liberty -- ARLEN SPECTER
has joined sen. patrick leahy in
signing this last letter

well. . . good on him!

f i n a l l y!

most importantly, under the
not-so-veiled threat of a
subpoena (and the search and
seizure order, ultimately
obtainable thereunder),
this provides a framework for
the "forensic recovery" of these
poor, lost, little souls. . .

it's gonna' be a BUSY news day!

full list of
officials receiving
the waxman letter

Alberto Gonzales

Secretary Kempthorne

Administrator Doan

Secretary Nicholson

Secretary Spellings

Secretary Chertoff

Secretary Johanns

Secretary Gutierrez

Secretary Leavitt

Secretary Bodman

Secretary Paulson

Administrator Johnson

Secretary Jackson

Secretary Gates

Secretary Chao

Secretary Rice

Secretary Peters

that's all, so far(!). . .

developing. . . but, we can be sure
that an inventory of the e-mail, in
many cases, off the books e-mail, of
the entire administration's cabinet-
level professionals. . .
WILL turn up things we haven't even
been able to imagine -- as yet. . .

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