Thursday, April 12, 2007

sen. leahy -- VIDEO! -- declares white house destroyed e-mail "story" a lie. . .

busy day! the video below
is a recap, but it is two-
hours out of date, already.
[for the very latest, see the
matter below my video-feed. . .]

a constitutional crisis seems only
hours away now, as all of alberto
gonzales' documents are due to the
judiciary committee by 2 p.m. e.d.t.
tomorrow afternoon -- and it is almost
certain he won't meet that deadline.
and that will trigger a cascading series
of consequences, leading into tuesday's
hearing. . .

tomorrow will certainly be a
very fast-paced news day. . .

earlier. . .

it seems as many as five million e-mails
may be missing -- and, 95 percent of karl
rove's e-mails were sent via the republican
national committee server that hosts his
"" mail addresses. . . and all
of them prior to 2005 are. . . gone.

"whoa", right? -- but fear not.
they'll turn up -- under a subpoena.

so, here's my mash-up of sen. patrick
leahy's best sound-bites today, interspersed
with some tart commentary, and music -- all to
do the cheney-rove-gonzales-bush cha-cha by. . .

now, if it turns out, as christy hardin
smith is broadly hinting
over at firedoglake,
that karl rove was -- in fact -- deleting his
own e-mails during the pendency of special
counsel patrick fitzgerald's investigation
into the outing of valerie plame wilson's
covert status at the C.I.A. . .

rove will likely be indicted on
obstruction of justice charges. . .

p e r f e c t.

so many pieces will fall into
place tomorrow -- and over the
weekend -- as tuesday's hearing-
train is only a few whistle-
stops from the station, now.

do stay tuned!

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