Monday, April 16, 2007

on a tragic day for the nation. . .

it is perhaps unseemly to
return, so soon, to the topics
of justice, politics and the law. . .

if it seems "too soon" to you, feel
free to come back here on another day. . .

but much too much (else) has
happened while we, as a nation, were
transfixed by the tragedy at virginia tech. . .

most importantly, rep. john conyers
intends to interview rachel paulose, shortly.
yes, that rachel paulose, as well as
several other U.S.A.'s -- including one
in wisconsin, and some of those who worked
for the one ousted from new mexico. . .

nearly as importantly, mr. gonzales
failed to comply with the terms of
the subpoena duces tecum
served on
him last week -- he did not produce
all the documents contemplated by it,
by the 2 p.m. deadline, today. rep.
conyers is reportedly exploring options
to compel compliance with that subpoena,
as of this writing. . .

sen. patrick leahy has begun releasing some
of the juicier, troubling, specifics from
the unprecedented "sunday surprise" inter-
view his staffers conducted ex rel.
kyle sampson, and it seems most of what sampson
has averred directly contradicts mr. gonzales'
proffered version of the very same events. . .

rep. henry waxman has allowed a short delay
in doan's compliance with his request for
all her documents, but still wants a very-
detailed inventory of what exists, what is
missing and, of course, who has/had r.n.c.
e-mail accounts -- all by this wednesday
afternoon, april 18, 2007. . .

what else? -- oh, yes -- mr. gonzales'
testimony will be delayed by two days,
and is now set for thursday, april 19,
2007, at 9:30 a.m. e.d.t. . .

this is not likely to offer advantage
to the united states attorney general.

i say this because whatever slightly
positive impact the pre-release of his
opening statement, and his wa po editorial
might have had in the news-cycle, that
will be entirely forgotten by
thursday morning, especially in
light of today's senseless tragedy. . .

so, it affords two more days for
committee staff to tick-and-tie
all sampson (and other staffers)
have averred -- vs. contradictions
gonzales is already wedded-to
by virtue of the pre-release
of his opening. . . i'll note
especially here that sen. leahy
has begun to release the details
of what kyle sampson said in
his unprecedented-sunday interview
with the judiciary committee to
the new york times, tonight. . .

me? i'm buying MORE popcorn, not less. . .

btw, i think this makes my ben-n-jerry's-for-
a-year-bet: gonzo-gone by friday @ 5:30 pm
look considerably more likely to pay-out. . .

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