Monday, April 16, 2007

bob barr, david keene and richard viguerie write president bush, in first public call for gonzales' ouster. . .

i admit to being more than
a little loath to link or hype
conservative groups here, but
time magazine is reporting
on it this morning -- from a
letter sent to president bush
by a newly-formed, and deeply
conservative group called the
american freedom agenda:

". . .Mr. Gonzales has presided over an
unprecedented crippling of the Constit-
ution’s time-honored checks and balances. . .

He has brought rule of law into disrepute,
and debased honesty as the coin of the realm. . .

He has engendered the suspicion that
partisan politics trumps evenhanded law
in the Department of Justice. . .

. . .Attorney General Gonzales has proven an
unsuitable steward of the law and should resign
for the good of the country. . .

The President should accept the resignation,
and set a standard to which the wise and honest
might repair in nominating a successor
. . ."

. . .this is the first public demand by a group
of conservatives for attorney general gonzales'
ouster. signatories to the letter include
bruce fein, a former senior official in the
reagan DoJ, who has worked frequently with
the bush 43 administration and the r.n.c.
to promote bush's court nominees; david keene,
chairman of the american conservative union,
one of the nation's oldest conservative groups,
richard viguerie, a well-known republican fund-
raiser, and bob barr, the former republican
congressman from georgia, as well as john white-
head, head of the rutherford institute, a
conservative nonprofit active in fighting
for what it calls religious freedoms. . .

-- from the time article

again -- i trust groups like these about
as far as i can throw 'em -- but i think
about this one -- they are clearly right.

i must say, it is deeply unfortunate that
while firedoglake, thinkprogress,
talkingpointsmemo and talkleft,
among many others, have been offering
these sorts of wise, majestic, principled, ideas
for a very long while -- it takes an eve-of-des-
truction-moment to bring these supposedly-true-
patriots forward -- here, now, finally
pointing back to our long-espoused-traditions
of ordered liberty, and a nation governed by
the rule of law (not men), that until now,
were uninterrupted for some 220 years. . .

"but i will take help -- from whatever
quarter it is offered",
here -- as this is
a moment of truly historic significance. . .
and i think they finally sense it, too.

alberto must go. go now. and "let the
wise and honest repair, to nominate his
" -- one patrick fitzgerald(?). . .

nah, he's too smart to want the job. . .

but i can dream. . .

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