Thursday, June 21, 2007

BREAKING -- judge walton's opinion on libby sentence

or, code-word: "white sangria" fires back!

[updated on 06.23.07 -- CHS at firedoglake
has written quite a lawyerly summary of the walton
opinion, that covers some of the same ground
as mine below (but perhaps more lucidly), and
a lot of ground i never covered, at all
. . .]

here is the full memorandum opinion
which judge reggie walton
sent on to
the federal court of appeals for the
d.c. circuit (just as i predicted!) to
answer back, after lawrence s. robbins
made his first substantive filing
the appellate courts on behalf of mr.
libby. . .

i'll have more on this later today,
but his "footnotes do the walking", again(!):


here is a copy of the order
denying libby's request for
freedom while his appeals are
processed. . . click it!


Anonymous said...

As much as I love hearing Ms. Mitchell contradict herself a couple of posts ago . . . is there anyway to stop the auto play of both of those clips? The running of both at the same time goobers up this machine.

Thanks and loving all your stuff!

condor said...

dear anon --

i didn't realize it was
doing that -- i will
fix it, right now!

thanks for the tip!

p e a c e