Thursday, May 31, 2007

judge walton has ordered the release of the libby-letters to the media!

B R E A K I N G:

UPDATE: letter tidbits are
already becoming available, via
the filings of team-libby tonight

almost verbatim as i predicted
just last night -- though i would
not have guessed we'd know the
, this soon. . . thank you,
judge walton -- your ruling, here,
is both wise and just. . .

i'll have more images of all pages in
mere moments, here -- but as soon "as
practicable on, or after june 5, 2007
the libby-letters -- with such redactions
as are ordered by judge walton -- will be public.

"so ordered this 31st day of may, 2007."

click 'em to view full-size; more of the
order coming in moments -- but here
is "the business end of the instrument":


Life As I Know It Now said...

If I read this correctly, no personal information will be released. If so, then we will be reading these letters with an eye toward their agenda only and not who it is that is writing them.

condor said...

thanks lib -- but no, i think
we WILL know almost all of the
names of the letter-writers, and
the content of the letters -- what
we will NOT know will be limited
to home phone numbers, etc. -- and,
in the rare case, some of the other
detail -- see especially, in this
regard, my latest post -- tidbits
are already available from team
libby's own documents, tonight

thanks for the thoughtful, and
careful, questioning here.

do stop back. . .