Thursday, May 31, 2007

a very interesting taste of the support-letters, to come -- scooter libby

okay -- the first tidbits of what
may be in libby's-support-letters
emerge -- this evening -- as team libby
just meets judge walton's 5 p.m.
deadline for filing their positions
on proposed sentencing calculations,
and the sentencing memorandum, of the
government (each of which were filed
last week, friday -- here, and here). . .

this -- from page nine of the memo
bears some close reading [click to enlarge]:

the letter from which this was
quoted may well be one deserving
of some redaction, so i will not
speculate about identities -- no,
as to the incident, i'll patiently
wait to match the above-quoted, to
whatever is made available on -- or
after june 5, 2007. . .

that said. . . i think it permissible
to speculate about how this incident
might have influenced the arc of scooter's
later trajectory -- and his life -- since then. . .

so, i cannot help wondering whether
scooter "went to school" in some
measure on this case, especially
insofar as it might have helped
him learn where the absolute edge
of "a policy disagreement" becomes,
well. . . "a leak to a newspaper". . .

no, i cannot help but wonder. . .

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