Friday, May 11, 2007

the actual DC district court order granting monica goodling use immunity appears below

while i respect the many bright
law-bloggers who believe it was a
mistake to grant ms. monica goodling
18 USC § 6005 "use immunity" at this juncture,
i will go out on a limb -- and predict that
the below order will help "pin the
" on that jack-ass, karl rove -- it
may, perhaps, even lead "north" from there. . .

see below the image for my thoughts on this.

and, in a bit, i'll post the supporting
motion, and the more interesting points
and authorities excerpts, to complete
this historical record. . .

[as ever, click to enlarge. . .]

okay -- as i mentioned last night, it
seems plain that chairman john conyers
has karl rove in his sights, and monica
goodling's testimony will, i believe,
do much to tighten that noose/close this loop.

she is reputed to be a bit of a know-it-all,
and letting her talk, all about what karl or dick
or even george said ex rel the hirings, firings,
and political prosecutions and/or deferrals will
be very-illuminating, i predict. and, it will almost
certainly nail down the political defensibility
of hauling mr. rove in under a house judiciary
committee subpoena to explain where those e-mails
went, and why -- i predict -- ms. goodling testifies
that he was the sole true "decider", as to
whose names went on, and came off, the list. . .

UPDATED -- here is a very-interesting bit
from page 2 of the points and authorities,
filed by the u.s. house general counsel, in
support of the motion for immunity order -- it
is essentially a memo of the house's view of
the law here applicable. . . check out the
hint of later prosecution of ms. goodling,
by the government -- highlighted:

erh -- cool. . . not likely, but
cool, nonetheless -- transactions
about which she testifies, and for
which the government can develop,
by independent evidence, a case,
may still be the basis of a prosecution. . .



Human said...

Great work bud. Keep it up. We'll only know in the end whether the Use Immunity was worth it. I just keep remebering that Butcher Ollie North getting the same thing and in the end it was just part of the coverup.
Let's hope Rep. Conyers is made of better stuff than Rep. Lee Hamilton.

condor said...

i definitely remember the
ollie iran contra immunity
debacle -- but honestly, i
don't think ms. goodling is
as bright a bulb, as north. . .

i think conyers is pretty
sharp and pretty well-advised,
to boot -- but you're right, we
won't know until the end whether
this gambit will be a success.

thanks for stoppin' by, and
noticin' -- do come on back!

p e a c e