Monday, May 7, 2007

path cleared for goodling's immunized testimony. . .

or, "gosh -- i hate being right all the time. . ."

just this afternoon, per the fine-
tpmmuckraker-folk, we have
learned that alberto gonzales' depart-
ment of justice -- as i confidently
predicted, here, and here -- will not
object to, or otherwise delay, the
immunized, and soon-to-subpoenaed,
testimony of one monica goodling. . .

the 18 USC § 6005(c) capitulation appears
in this little snippet -- right at the
end of the letter sent to rep. john conyers:

now, it may be too late to get her
in front of the committee -- and have
the committee prepped with likely lines-
of-questioning, and charts of authority,
etc. -- for the already-noticed-up, and
docketed thursday may 10, 2007 house
judiciary hearings
-- but wouldn't it be
a scream(!) to hear from ms. monica in
the morning, and then bring alberto gon-
zales in for the afternoon?

delicious, that would be.

alas -- perhaps too complicated. it
is, after-all, already monday night.

[okay -- i was going to leave
this out, but i did also
, in the fifth full
paragraph, that we would learn
of the DoJ's intentions today.]

so -- buckle-up for thursday's hearings!

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