Wednesday, May 2, 2007

reports surface that monica goodling is being "investigated"

or, an attempt at thwarting rep. conyers'
18 USC §6005 immunity deal with goodling
. . .

rep. conyers' immunity deal with ms.
goodling was struck in the manner
contemplated by 18 USC § 6005. . .

now, mr. gonzales may seek an order deferring,
for no more than twenty days, the testimony
of ms. monica goodling, as is his right,
under 18 USC § 6005(c). . . but to do so,
he must assert one of the enumerated bases
therefor. . . but all of those bases
would be political kryptonite, to him,
and more importantly, to the white house.

so i think he'll have to stand-down,
and let her take the immunity, and testify.

now, remember, her lawyer (at akin, gump) told
rep. conyers -- in a letter, last month -- that
ms. goodling was not cooperating with the
internal DoJ inquiries. . . so -- there can
be no colorable assertion by the AG/DoJ that
her truthful testimony will now
somehow compromise any investigation
into her supposedly criminal hatch act wrongdoing. . .

do you see how circular this all becomes?

positively rove-ian pretzel-logic, i tell ya'. . .

her shield is her sword:

predictably, 18 USC §§ 6005(a) and (b)
contemplate that a federal district
court, in this case, the DC district
court, will enter an order protecting
ms. goodling from the use of her truthful
in any proceeding against
her. so — she simply will confess to
these hatch act violations — under the
klieg lights of the house committee,
and any charge related to them, in
any forum, is barred. that is how
18 USC § 6005 use immunity works. . .

goodbye, mr. gonzales.

goodbye, mr. bloch.

hello — messrs. rove, gonzales. . .
and, yes -- cheney!

so, this is literally a four-
corner stall attmept -- and a weak
one, at that -- by messrs. gonzales/cheney/
rove/bush. . . so, i say, let's buckle up!

here endeth my little sermon. . .
ah, but what must these "keys to
the kingdom
" look like, to fetch
such a putatively dear, dear price?


Anonymous said...

A non-lawyer here, struggling to understand your take on this. Are you saying that this new DOJ investigation of Goodling will or will not provide teflon for Rove? Thanks!

nolo said...

i am saying it may -- possibly,
offer some delay for rove, cheney
and bush -- but only some. . . but no teflon.

n o n e.

18 USC § 6005 requires that the
attorney general offer sound
grounds -- to a DC federal dist.
judge -- to oppose the immunity,
and monica has already refused
to cooperate with all internal
investigations -- as is her right
under the 5th amendment. so, what
possible grounds can gonzales
assert, over a former employee,
that would lawfully prevent her
truthful testimony? what?

there is no national security
red-herring to throw up here.

it will not, in my opinion,
keep monica goodling from
testifying. . .

and so, my firm conviction is
that she must truly be a dangerous
witness to rove/cheney/gonzales. . .

this is quite a lot of posturing
over an assistant to an assistant.

she must have the "keys to
the kingdom
", as [fired u.s.
attorney] iglesias so colorfully
put it, on national television. . .

nolo said...

great question, btw, anon. . .