Wednesday, April 4, 2007

some additional gloss on monica goodling's "take five" emerges. . .

with a sincere hat tip to
the TPM Muckraker, i offer
some additional gloss on monica
goodling's reasons for asserting
her fifth amendment privilege
against self-incrimination -- prior
to being charged with any crime. . .

and, from the mouth of her akin gump
lawyer, john m. dowd, no less:

note that dowd focuses on ms. goodling's
alleged role in "supplying" mr. mcnulty
with plainly false statements to congress:

when all the window-dressing is removed,
we see the akin gump partner likening
ms. goodling to several of the watergate
conspirators, at least insofar as some of
those conspirators were not required
to appear before sen. sam ervin in order to
assert their fifth amendment privileges. . .

[i'm not sure i'd press that comparison. . .]

on the other hand, it may well be that
mr. dowd is rather slyly suggesting -- akin to
several of the watergate conspirators -- that
his client would be willing to testify, if, of
, she is granted broad immunity. . .

precious! my bet? she'll get
immunity -- and she'll testify.


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