Friday, April 6, 2007

cheney's claims on rush limbaugh, yesterday. . .

have been directly contradicted
by today's washington post, los
angeles times, and the new york
times -- all citing to newly declassified
defense department documents:

. . .Captured Iraqi documents
and intelligence interrogations
of Saddam Hussein and two former
aides "all confirmed" that Hussein's
regime was not directly cooperating
with al-Qaeda
before the U.S.
invasion of Iraq, according to a
declassified Defense Department
report released yesterday. . ."

perhaps the most frustrating
aspect of these lies is that
mr. cheney insists on
continuing to tell them

and he tells them long after the
sentient world has accepted that
they are without substantial
basis in fact -- all to the
damage of the reputations of
good, hard-working intelligence
officials at the central
intelligence agency.

astonishing. or perhaps, not so.

[h/t tpmuckraker!]

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