Friday, October 24, 2008

a new federal judge assigned to the colorado cheney case. . .

judge wiley b. daniel has been
taken off this colorado civil case,
a case in which it is alleged that
the vice president had steven howard
arrested, and held for 24 hours -- for
the "crime" of expressing his disagree-
ment with dick's iraq war policies, face-
to face, in non-profane terms, at a
publicity-stop by cheney in beaver
creek, back in late summer of 2005.

now -- it could be a simple as this new
judge needs to fill-up her calendar -- she
is a new appointee -- but i'll look into
it, shortly. . .

This action is reassigned to Judge Christine M. Arguello, upon her appointment.

All future pleadings should reference Judge Arguello at the end of the civil action number (such as 06-cv-1964-CMA). Unless otherwise ordered, the dates and times for all previously scheduled matters will be maintained and will now be handled by Judge Arguello. . .

i'll report what i find out,
right here. . .


Liberality said...

So are you gonna change the name of your blog or are you keeping it?

Are you excited about the election results? Of Course you are!! P


nolo said...

Actually, Lib, my friend -- I'd begun a new one -- in about February of 2008. . .

You'll find that it is slightly less directly-political, but it does seek to promote the prompt reform of the United States pharmaceutical industry, and the healthcare delivery systems, more generally, by closely examining one of the most ethically-pliable pharmaceutical companies out there. . .

condor said...

I spent election day in Gary, Indiana, getting the vote out -- and along with your vote, Lib, we turned the tide in Indiana!

I was at Grant Park -- and I am still half-wondering whether this is all some strange, sweet dream -- I guess as he begins to make the tough choices of governing (having been ham-strung by Cheney-Bush malfeasance-in-the-Middle-East, a slowing economy, and crushing deficits), it will all sink in -- this IS real.

And it will be tough sledding -- but we are up to it.

"Yes, we can."

p e a c e

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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