Sunday, October 19, 2008

colin powell denounces xenophobia -- endorses obama -- says republicans have "lost their way". . .

this is a towering figure -- making a clean
break from the politics of division and hate:

the more cynical side of me wonders
whether former general powell will now
throw his hat in the ring for secretary
of state, or defense, in the emerging
obama cabinet for 2009. . .

i do not want to detract from his courage
in making this break, though -- he has done
so on first principles -- saying the republicans
have shifted too far right, and toward division,
rather than inclusion, in beating the drum
on the (clearly dead) ayers story -- as just
one small example.

good bye, and good riddance, messrs. cheney,
bush -- and your sidekick (not maverick) mccain.

btw -- was sarah palin's appearance in the
rap scene on s.n.l., last night the closest thing
you've ever seen to an admission that she'd
rather be on "the real world", garner her
15 minutes -- than to actually be no. 2 in line
to run the country -- or, even be no. 1, in
alaska? i think it was her concession "speech".

she's knows she's burnt toast -- and now she's
angling for a fox-news style analyst gig, post
nov. 2008 -- i suspect even alaska will no longer
want her as the helicopter hunting, high-powered,
scoped rifle barbie, after troopgate is fully
understood. the "first dude" ought to prepare
to live in knoxville, or new jersey. or wear an
orange jumpsuit -- for his lies in signed, sworn
statements to the alaska bi-partisan commission.


Liberality said...

How many republicans are going to start seeing the light when they realize that they are about to relinquish all power that they have had after Nov 4th? Not to belittle his endorsement of course.

nolo said...

i think you are right, lib.

he is likely looking to improve
his legacy -- insofar as history
is concerned. but, as ever, i'll
take it. and we'll spend that
$150 million to win NC and FL!

thanks for the comment!

p e a c e

16 days to regime change in america!

Anonymous said...
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