Monday, April 28, 2008

if only the seventeen-year-olds were NOW running the nation. . .

. . .we might live in a much
more peaceful world, right now. . .

i post this, as hopeful evidence
that the young people -- the people
into whose hands this rather sordid
legacy will fall -- are likely, even
though hobbled by our prior choices -- to
govern more more wisely, and live more
peacefully, than this outgoing generation
of people -- those running things, but for
these last few moments, only. . .

this video (in two parts) was created,
edited, compiled and conceived entirely
by seventeen-year-olds -- pretty impressive, no?!
[a note of personal pride: the narrator,
and interviewer, is. . . my son. i know that
parents are never objective about their own,
but i simply couldn't be more proud of his
keen-intelligence, his sense of humor,
his boundless-compassion, and the depth
of his understanding of the vastly-
complicated worlds he encounters, lives
in, and thrives upon, every day. . .]

part two is now available:

below -- the first part, covers the supposed
reasons for the invasion of iraq. . . part two
(to be uploaded shortly, here) will covers
the opinions heard on the street, about vice
president, and "king of hush", dick cheney.

imagine peace -- be peace -- live peace:

n a m a s t é


Liberality said...

What a wonderful young man you have raised there!

condor said...

thank you, lib -- but it is,
in truth all his doing -- we
are blessed with wonderful,
compassionate, funny, selfless,
brilliant, caring, beautiful
children of the Universe. . .

when i hear other parents' stories
of their kids constantly fighting,
demanding, whining, lashing out
in anger. . . i just wonder, how
did we get so lucky?

we seem to have drawn from the very
deep-end of the evolved-life-form-
gene-pool (for if truth be known,
a fair amount of "trailer-trash-
gene" runs in my blood, anyway. . .).


p e a c e