Sunday, July 15, 2007

no briefing scheduled for libby appeal -- july 11, 2007 order

after the july 2 commutation,
team libby said it would fight on
in the appellate courts to win a
reversal of the conviction -- then,
team libby acquiesed in the decision
of judge walton to impose supervised
release. but in a july 11, 2007 order
entered by the d.c. court of appeals,
the appellate court set transcript
order dates, and particulars of same,
but did not set a briefing schedule.

hmmmmmmm. . .

take a look -- click to enlarge:

i still expect that team libby will
file briefs on appeal, but that may be
a few more months off, yet. . . so,
this one returns to the slow-roll. . .

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