Sunday, July 15, 2007

just in! -- a forecast of light to non-existent blogging, here -- until july 23, 2007. . .

UPDATED 07.16.07 @ 3 p.m.

as i hop off and on planes, i simply
must point everyone to EW's latest
analysis-and-quite-well-informed speculation
on dick cheney's role in the traitor-
gate cover-up -- if you do nothing
else during the week that i am gone,
follow this thread, and its off-shoots
. . .

even more than (or, at least as much as)
the iraq-timeline-or-defunding-measures, or
the impeachment-indictment-censure talk -- this
one (by EW -- the cheney nails in the coffin),
is the prime mover -- it is the engine -- the
truth that will "out", to give life to all
the other machinery -- the machinery
we use to call our government servants
to answer, and account for, their mis-deeds.

i am simply not competent
to summarize it -- or enlarge
on it -- in my jet-lagged state.

while changing planes, i also learned
that sen. harry reid will smartly force
the republicans blocking the iraq measure
to filibuster all night, and day and
night, for at least 30 straight hours. . .

or capitulate. . .




i will be off-the-grid -- on
vacation -- and hopefully out of
touch, at least until the 23rd of
july, or so -- so, see firedoglake,
thenexthurrah, talkleft,
and talkingpointsmemo for
most of the same fare one might
find here -- only more cogently
delivered, there. . . in each case.

p e a c e

ps: otoh, yearlyKOS is very
soon, now -- in chicago -- and i will
be there, then. . . cooool.

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