Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"now, will our mystery guest please sign in?" -- before the house judiciary committee -- june 14, 2007

UPDATED @ 11:10 a.m.

our "mystery guest" will be. . .

wait for it. . .

harriet miers -- and she'll have
quite a bit "of 'splainin' to do,
lucy. . . oh, rickie. . .

[and, over at the senate, on
july 11, our guest will be one
sara taylor. . . the currently
reigning "queen of the mean",
in her e-mails, released last night. . .]

quoth chairman conyers:
". . .Let me be clear:

this subpoena is not a request,
it is a demand on behalf
of the American people
the White House to make available
the documents and individuals we
are requesting to help us answer
the questions that remain
. The
breadcrumbs in this investigation
have always led to 1600 Pennsylvania. . .



okay -- breaking reports indicate
that subpoenas have issued for former
white house counsel harriet miers, and
former white house/karl rove
aide, sara taylor
. . .

and, probably not-coincidentally,
a hearing on "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"(!) has
just now been set for 1:00 p.m. e.d.t.,
tomorrow before the house judiciary
committee [click to enlarge!]:

and so -- in the land of 1960s t.v.,
let's play -- "what's my line?". . .

who will be rep. conyers' mystery
guest, tomorrow afternoon
? this
will certainly be fun

[later update: the page imaged, above,
this morning -- and linked under the "fun"
sentence, immediately above, has been
removed -- it was on the house judiciary
committee website. man, am i glad i
took a page-capture, in real-time!
it will -- no doubt -- be a classic!]

more seriously, getting the upper
tactical hand is a great idea -- and
using surprise to do it? yes! -- but
rep. conyers must be mindful of the
48-hour notice rule for scheduling of
committee meetings, under the various
applicable open government laws. . .

my sense is that the above comports
with those provisions. . . at least
i am hopeful that it does. . .

now, we also know that paul mcnulty
is scheduled, but not until next week.

watch this space for updates.

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