Tuesday, June 12, 2007

nakedly nasty GOP politics -- sara taylor -- while at the white house, libels bud cummins. . .

let me start by saying that tonight's
e-mail dump looks to follow the recent
pattern -- someone at DoJ is trying to
further erode the credibility of people
scheduled to talk to either of the con-
gressional committees investigating these
matters. [recall how this same slow-dance
was played, just two days prior
to monica
goodling's immunized, and subpoenaed,
appearance before john conyers, and the
house judiciary committee. . .]

and, i think the primary target of this
salvo-e-mail-release tonight, is former
deputy attorney general paul mcnulty -- as
we learned, earlier today, that he is due to
testify, next week.

but we see a most interesting side-light,
in these documents, as well. as mickey
astutely commented, over at the
next hurrah, tonight
, sara
taylor's awful visage appears. and,
just oh-so coincidentally, she too is
scheduled to be interviewed in private.

now, as mickey notes, in the e-mail i've set
in a gaudy pink below, she uses the royal "we".

[he also notes the use of an allegedly-
presidential-records-act-violating e-mail
address. but why should we quibble, eh?
these folks were up to bigger, and
badder, things. click to enlarge:]

does ms. taylor write solely with that
flippant hubris seen in many young political
operatives inside the bush white house, or does
she unwittingly hint at a broader -- higher,
involvement inside the white house?

or, does the "we" merely refer only to
DoJ/white house cooperation -- which is plainly
permitted (at least as to bud cummins' position).

we do not yet know.

what we do know, tonight, is that she is fully-
capable of singularly-vicious, libelous, political
knife-fighting on someone's behalf. . .

but whom? miers? rove? cheney? bush, himself?

in time, she will tell leahy and conyers -- and us.

but for now, it is enough to know that she felt free
to angrily-burst-forth with vindictive retaliation
against bud cummins -- who, by all accounts, had only
the unmitigated temerity to tell the truth about
his departure
-- he exited gracefully, as a favor,
to make way for tim griffin; yes, that karl rove protege. . .

so -- these documents were released tonight to
embarrass paul mcnulty and, apparently, sara taylor.

but they also leave us wondering whether they prove
violations of the presidential records act, and hatch act.

when will that someone stand for the rule
of law, and ask alberto gonzales to leave town. . .?

when, mr. bush? when?

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