Wednesday, June 6, 2007

more e-mail confirming monica goodling's misdeeds at DoJ. . .

in yet-another DoJ document
dump, this one scooped by josh,
at talkingpointsmemo, tonight
(and to be made available on rep.
conyers' website tomorrow, and
perhaps, senator leahy's, as well),
we learn little new -- but get details,
and chronologies, for some of the
smaller blanks we were missing. . .
[my w.a.g. is rep. conyers must have
been very pleased with josh's yeoman
efforts in getting a real correction
out of fox news
, on his behalf. . .]

but, i digress -- where was i?

oh, yeah -- dick hertling has
turned over some more e-mail
to more fully-implicate ms.
monica goodling as a central par-
ticipant in DoJ hiring and
firing, via the "secret dele-
gation order" we first learned
about at the end of april 2007
. . .

could it be that this is the
counter-punch to the leahy-
specter letter of this after-
noon, essentially hinting at
by alberto gonzales?

it would make sense to try
to further discredit ms. goodling, now. . .

to that end, tonight's dump mostly
confirms the mechanics of how it came to
be that young monica (and young kyle)
were granted breath-taking authority
to make end-runs around the deputy
attorney general on hire-fire decisions. . .

it is worth a look, so i set
the best example, directly below
[as ever, click to enlarge]:

one wonders whether rep. conyers,
and or sen. cardin, intend to make
some use of these documents in their
respective hearings, tomorrow after-
noon. . . the only remaining question
is which hearing will be on c-span3, and
which will only be on internal legislative
real-media feeds. . .

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