Wednesday, June 20, 2007

libby-appeal -- time for the worker-bees to go 24 by 7

okay, this morning's court
docket search informs us that
as of june 16, 2007, one of the
"laboring oars" at lawrence s. robbins'
law-firm (and he), were granted 24-hour-
a-day, seven-day-a-week, rights of entry
and access, in and to the e. barrett
prettyman courthouse "secure area" -- where
the portions of the libby-trial-materials
that are still "classified" or "eyes only"
currently reside.

what this tell us is that the appellate team
is working overtime -- way overtime -- to get
up to speed, given that they were not part
of the original-trial-team-entourage. . .

i would expect a filing of their
particulars any day now, given that
scooter's freedom incarceration count-
down clock is ticking. . . ticking. . . ticking. . .

take a look -- click to enlarge:

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