Tuesday, June 19, 2007

court-documents-watch! -- lawrence s. robbins files scooter libby's notice of appeal

so -- we learn at least
two things from the below image
of the just-filed notice of appeal
in scooter libby's perjury & obstruction
felony convictions: (1) judge walton is
apparently very-carefully crafting
the sentencing order (as it has not
yet been made available -- to the
parties, or the electronic docket),
and (2) in very short order, a more-
substantive articulation of the claimed
basis for his appeals, will be filed
in the circuit court of appeals for
the d.c. circuit. . . but that is
about all -- well, i guess we also
learn that lawrence s. robbins has,
as widely-predicted, already ordered
expedited transcripts. . .

so -- here is the whole she-bang
[click to enlarge]:

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