Tuesday, June 5, 2007

john e. rogers -- the way one would expect an AUSA to react to libby's conduct. . .

john e. rogers, former assistant
united states attorney equates
scooter libby's conduct with treason
. . .

take a look [click to enlarge]:


Liberality said...

Yes, it is treason! He betrayed the country and he should get more than 30 months for that. Yet, Bush and Cheney are saddened that this good man's name has been sullied. How long before he is pardoned by Bush do you think?

nolo said...

honestly, lib --

i foresee no pardon.

because honestly, i do believe
that even arlen specter will
sign articles of impeachment
should bush issue a pardon.

i also foresee that scooter will
be in jail within a month -- perhaps
earlier, if wells pisses judge
walton off in the memo of law
due in later this week. . .

they are now down to arguing
about the surrender date -- and
i don't think judge walton will
tolerate scooter being free during
the lengthy appeals process. . .

so -- he will be inside a jail
cell, even IF bush pardons him.

but if bush is ever going to do
so, he had better only do it on
his last day in office -- jan.
2009 -- else, obstruction of
justice might be a fair charge.

i mean scooter lied to protect
cheney and bush -- they can't
pardon him without obstructing
justice. . . and fitz would
bring that indictment.

actually that is why this
site carries the name it does.

not impeach -- but indict -- dick.

and fitz will, if a pardon comes
flying out of the white house. . .

just my $0.02.