Tuesday, June 5, 2007

general peter pace -- CURRENT chairman of the joint chiefs of staff -- supports CONVICTED perjurer and obstructor of justice: libby!

now -- this is exactly
why judge walton ordered the
letters be released
-- to reveal
any hand the current administration
might have in trying to influence
the outcome of scooter's sentence
[again, brown is the "color du jour"]:

i am fairly certain that, if this
accurately reflects gen. peter pace's
ability to judge character, we may safely
assume that nothing in iraq is going to
improve significantly, without a change
of administrations. that is to say, if he
feels that serving "the united states govern-
ment extremely well on national security
" includes perjury, and obstruction of
justice [note that the letter is dated after
scooter's conviction!] -- then i am reasonably
certain gen. pace is unfit for his current role.

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