Wednesday, May 9, 2007

todd graves -- the "fifth beatle," -- oops,the 9th fired US Attorney -- spoke. . .

last night, todd graves released
a statement -- in advance of alberto
gonzales' next subpoenaed appearance
before a congressional committee
time, the house judiciary committee, tomorrow
morning, at 9:30 a.m. e.d.t.). . .

the most devastating paragraph?

". . .When I first interviewed in 2001
with the United States Attorney screening
committee at DOJ, I was asked to give
the panel one attribute that describes me.
I said independent. Apparently, that was
the wrong attribute. . .

Public office is not an entitlement.

I served nearly 12 years as a public
prosecutor. It was a privilege. I loved
every minute, but it is far better to
take a graceful exit than to do some-
hing that you should be ashamed of. . .

-- former u.s. attorney
todd graves, the "ninth"
fired u.s. attorney, may 8, 2007

[kinda' like the fifth
beatle -- billy preston, no?]

seriously, though, how does
alberto gonzales sleep at night?

these are all clearly very able,
and very ethical, people. he just
looks so -- craven -- by comparison.

h/t tpmmuckracker for the text-clip.

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