Wednesday, May 9, 2007

may 9, 2007 -- seattle times interviews fired US attorneys iglesias and mckay

here are some of this
afternoon's quotes from
a panel of the fired u.s.
attorneys, including john mckay
(the former u.s. attorney for
western washington), and david
iglesias (for new mexico), hosted,
and reported on, by the seattle times:

". . .I think there will be a criminal
case that will come out of this
," McKay
said during his meeting with Times
journalists. "This is going to get
worse, not better. . .

[click on the seattle times logo,
above, to read the whole story. . .]

the former u.s. attorneys also said
(no surprise here!) they "believe [white
house political operative] karl rove and his
aides instigated the dismissals. . ."

meanwhile, gonzales' statement -- released
today -- in advance of his appearance at
tomorrow's house committee hearing, offers
much more of the same -- "others were at fault";
can't we just move on? -- i said "sorry".

yep -- that's about it -- in a nutshell.

well, where i'm from, "sorry" cuts no
ice when criminal charges loom -- charges
like gonzales' willful failure to produce, as
contemplated by the express terms of
a subpoena duces tecum
, the "secret" order
granting monica goodling and kyle sampson
nothing short of breath-taking power to
hire and fire attorneys in the department
of justice. . . and charges like perjury,
if he persists in this improbable ruse,
again, tomorrow. . . [h/t to the fine
talkingpoints folks for the heads'-up.]

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