Wednesday, May 30, 2007

tim griffin unintentionally tightens karl rove's neck-tie, via e-mail

05.30.07 @ 8 p.m.

thinkprogress is reporting
that the DoJ has announced
june 1, 2007 will be tim
griffin's last day
in the
office. . . that is four
days before one bradley
schlozman -- and, on counter-
point, todd graves both -- appear
and testify before congress. . .

buckle-up, folks, this will
be a doozie. . .

05.25.07 @ 7:54 p.m.

in the documents released this morning
by ms. monica goodling to the house
judiciary committee, we find this gem:

ooh -- that nutty tim griffin!

tomorrow, i'll explain why it matters.

and i'll make it clear that -- try as
he might -- karl rove's "ducks" are no
longer "in the neat row" for which
he had hoped, planned and schemed. . .

okay -- later -- one more worthy of
some considered analysis tomorrow:

daily conversations with karl rove's long-
time protege -- but no memory of ever
speaking to the man, himself. . .?

really. you don't say.

[or at least, you didn't, today.]

yes, fellow muck-rakers, this is worthy of a
written follow-up to ms. goodling -- from one
of the house judiciary committee members, no?

i plainly think so.


JNagarya said...

Goodling is a dove amid sharks. Her lawyer is worth every penny she is paying him. Aside from the fact that she's been cut loose to sink or swim on her own, her lawyer is serving his client's intersts before all else. And you can't find higher ethical practice.

nolo said...

welcome jnagarya --

i've enjoyed reading your thoughts,
over at EW's nexthurrah, and the muck. . .

nice to see you in the "low
rent district", over here!

i agree 100 percent about ms.
goodling's lawyers -- dowd, et al.,
they are very jealously protecting
her interests -- as they should.

where we part company, apparently,
is that i think ms. goodling is not
so much the dove, as she makes out. . .

she is plainly type-"A"-control-
driven-know-it-all. . . at least
when she's not under oath, it
seems. . .

i do think her immunity is proving
to be a good deal -- can't wait to
see what else her lawyer has turned
over. . . and it is fascinating that
mr. dowd guided rep.davis' line of
questioning, this afternoon, no?

in any event, do stop back. . .

bmaz said...

nolo and all others - I also filed an Amicus Brief, along with the "big media" in relation to the sentencing, and Libby letters, issue. The filter would not let me post a link, but if you click on my name, it should take you there. Take a look, you will like it I promise.

Posted by: bmaz | May 30, 2007 at 22:30