Wednesday, May 30, 2007

rep. john conyers responds to news of expanded internal investigation of DoJ. . .

rep. john conyers waxes quite wise, today:

". . .The Inspector General’s decision to further expand its investigation into the politicization of the Justice Department demonstrates the clear need for oversight. Ms. Goodling’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee indicated that political litmus tests were administered to applicants for some career, nonpolitical positions within the Department. This gives me great concern and reinforces the need to continue with our investigation into the U.S. Attorney firings and related matters. . ."

UPDATED: -- senator patrick leahy
has also offered a statement:
". . .These are serious revelations that reinforce the need for meaningful congressional oversight of this Justice Department and the Bush Administration.

“It is deeply troubling that the crisis of leadership at the Department allowed the White House and others to wield political influence over key law enforcement decisions and hiring policies. It is unacceptable that a senior Justice Department official was allowed to screen career employees and some judicial appointments for political loyalty, and it confirms our worst fears about the unprecedented and improper reach of politics into the Department’s professional ranks.

“I look forward to the results of the Inspector General’s investigation, and as Congress continues its oversight into the politicization of the Justice Department it is abundantly clear that we must do all we can to get to the truth behind this matter and the role the White House played in it. . .

the good news, here, is that the internal investigation
will now expressly delve into hiring practices inside
the division of civil rights enforcement -- long a sus-
pected source of discriminatory hiring, to detour
meritorious civil rights cases from speedy trial-dates
. . .

the bad news is that these folks are slow, and
it is not too difficult to see this as the admin-
istration's version of kyle sampson's "gum it
to death. . . and run out the clock
" to 2009. . .

the other good news is reps. conyers, waxman and
sanchez -- and senators leahy and specter (surprise!)
plainly will not sit by, and wait -- they will move
forward, and at an enlivened pace, given the coming
election cycle.

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