Tuesday, May 22, 2007

thinkprogress -- jackpot! -- hits gonzales' april 19, 2007 testimony inconsistency. . .

well -- this is interesting -- thinkprogress
rightly urges us to compare this, from the
april 13, 2007 document dumps:

with this, from last night's dump
[a/k/a DoJ love potion no. 9(!);
click to enlarge]:

first -- note particularly the highlighted
matter in the penultimate paragraph, about the
decision to push griffin, even after the second
gonzales-sen. pryor phone conversation
("monica, please verify"). . .

now -- let's assume that ms. monica goodling
will, in fact, "please verify. . ." each material
assertion made in the above, in her sworn appearance
tomorrow. . . then mr. gonzales' april 19, 2007 senate
judiciary committee testimony -- also, sworn(!) -- seems
to lack. . . candor, doesn't it?

But I had told Senator Pryor: I wanted Mr. Griffin in for a period of time. Let’s see how he does.

And then in subsequent conversation with Mr. Pryor, I asked him: Can you support Mr. Griffin as the nominee?

And you know, he made it clear to me that he would not support him, by not giving me a yes answer, and so I said: Well, then I cannot recommend him to the White House, because if you don’t support him, I know he will not be confirmed. We’ll look for someone else, and give me names that we ought to consider. . .

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