Monday, May 21, 2007

document dump (a/k/a DoJ love potion!) number nine. . .

or, why the hertling cover letter tells all. . .
[simply irresistible, this hertling fellah is!]

i will have much more on the actual e-mails
and spreadsheets in dump no. nine tomorrow,
but tonight -- tonight! -- the richard hertling
cover letter
deserves a spot-light of its own:

note that the letter (or, my copy of it,
anyway!) grows b r o w n e r as
one reads more, and more of it. . . and that
is no accident. in the penultimate paragraph,
mr. hertling -- an attorney -- indicates
that at least some of the documents de-
livered tonight to the house judiciary
committee (pursuant to a subpoena for
"ALL documents. . .") are now
deemed "appropriate" for disclosure.

"deemed" by whom? -- erh, mr. hertling,
it is a subpoena! -- attorneys do not get to
decide whether, or when, a subpoena response
of full-disclosure is "appropriate". the subpoena
is an order to completely disclose, immediately.

and, it is "beyond his pay-grade" (inappropriate)
to make any suggestion to the contrary.

okay -- now the document
[as ever, click to view]:

this really is a piece of work.
and, a pungent one, at that.
the whole of dump nine seems
to be plainly-designed to
paint -- probably accurately -- ms.
monica goodling as a serial
liar, opportunist and law-breaker. . .

the problem is -- she seems to
have copied just about everyone, and. . .
until the jig was up, and congress
was investigating. . .

not bush -- not cheney -- not rove -- not
gonzales -- not miers -- not mcnulty -- and
not hertling, or sampson, or taylor, or
ralston. . . no one.

it would clearly seem that
at least some -- and perhaps,
most -- approved of her methods,
and cheered her would-be outcomes. . .

until caught at it, that is.

on the other hand, i guess the silver-
lining here is that hertling is no longer
straight-up flipping senator patrick leahy
the bird on all documents
. . .

at least not competely, anyway. . .

more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

My hope is that this doc dump, an obvious attempt to squeeze Ms. Goodling, does just that and squeezes the truth right out of her on Wed. Of course 'hope' is verboten when discussing this cadre of scoundrels.

nolo said...

i'm with you, anon. . .

and, i do think we'll hear an awful
lot of truths come wednesday. . .

and some of them will be, well. . .

a w f u l.

i will likely highlight a few
of the documents from this dump
that indicate not only that ms.
goodling repeatedly violated the
hatch act, then tried to cover it
up, but also -- and, most impor-
tantly -- she copied the world
of the DoJ and white house
, as she
did so. . . and that does very
little to enhance the credibility
of those copied. . . it is damaging
to ms. gooling, but equally so to
those who knew wht she was up to,
and tacitly approved it. . .

mr. karl rove, are you listening?

thanks for the comment!

do stop back by. . . even if
just to check on the progress, here.