Wednesday, May 16, 2007

hertling essentially gives sen. leahy the finger. . .

[the image above is clickable.]

the department of justice, in
the person of richard hertling,
essentially just gave this bi-
partisan letter
, and the re-
lated subpoena from senator patrick
leahy's judciary committee, to alberto gonzales. . .

. . .the middle-finger.

exactly two e-mail chains were turned over.

two -- 2 -- two.

of at least five-million, extant. . .

and, these two mostly forward copies of
existing press stories, post-scandal. . .

is it time to begin contempt
of congress proceedings against alberto
gonzales, personally
? or is it time
to send the house sargeant at arms out
with a search-warrant for the search
(and seizure?) of those devices now mirrored
at stroz friedberg, l.l.c.? perhaps.

next whistle-stop for this train,
were i the conductor? tomorrow, at
the senate judiciary committee
executive business meeting, issue
a subpoena not to the r.n.c., but to
the forensic e-mail search firm, stroz
friedberg, l.l.c.
-- and get every imaged
drive, right now. then hire independent
to sort 'em, protecting lawful re-
publican secrets, while turning over all
responsive e-mails extant
. . .

just a thought, here. . .

perhaps time to talk to patrick
fitzgerald -- seems he got more
of rove's e-mails -- hertling even
admits this, in the letter, above.

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