Thursday, April 19, 2007

covington & burling letter to rep. waxman re RNC e-mails


thanks to the kind late night
folks at firedoglake, we have a
pretty good sense that this e-mail
forensics expert is legit, and
looks to be agenda-free. . .

Redshift @ 189

montag @ 170


Not much on Stroz Friedberg. Very few political donations (a few for Amy Klobuchar from individuals in the Minneapolis branch), etc.

One of the people starting the firm is apparently a forensics guy and former special agent for the FBI–that’s Ed Stroz.

Their basic gig is computer forensics for Fortune 500 companies.

Friedberg, the other founder, is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of New York (pre-Bush), specialized in computer and telecommunications crime there. Looks legit.

montag and redshift –

thank you both so much!

i did find that bio on the
g.c. and managing director,
who did computer task force
criminal prosecutions for the
new york AG’s office. . . also
pre-bush43. . . so, i agree, it
would seem that , on paper, they
are up to the job, and largely
agenda-free. . . i may write
some more on this shortly, thanks!

-- nolo

end, updated portion.

here is an easy to see jpg-set
of the response of the counsel
to the r.n.c. to rep. henry waxman's
latest requests
, reiterated from his
prior letters
, to preserve and
catalog white house e-mail now
residing on r.n.c. servers. . .

click each page to read in full,
but the notion that the white house
might dictate the search terms, or
that the white house will review all
materials prior to production, should
be an absolute non-starter.

take a look -- pdf's are here:

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