Saturday, May 12, 2007

rep.henry waxman gives CIA until may 18, 2007. . .

last month (and the month before that),
rep. henry waxman requested data from
general michael v. hayden, the director
of the central intelligence agency, about
the various mis-deeds which led to the
outing of valerie plame-wilson. . .

he received none. . .

last night, he wrote again, to set may 18,
-- next friday -- as a drop-dead date.

after that, he will presumably issue subpoenas.

go get 'em, henry!

take a look:

note also that this letter is bi-partisan;
the walls around the g.o.p. are crumbling. . .

rep. davis knows this stone-walling strategy
will make his re-election more difficult, so
he is moving to show he is principled. . . and
that is a very welcome development, as well.

UPDATED -- 05.14.07:

emptywheel over at the next hurrah
has written on this same topic, with
almost the very same conclusions, as well. . .

comforting to be in the company
of"great minds", here. . .

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