Tuesday, March 27, 2007

waxman demands answers from the CIA re plame

things seem to be unravelling
at an ever-accelerating pace for those
involved in (but as-yet-uncharged with)
the leak of valerie plame-wilson's covert
status to the press, and the smear of her
husband's good name, in the process. . .

yesterday, rep. henry waxman
sent a demand letter to general
michael hayden, the director of
the c.i.a. -- in pertinent part,
it reads as follows:

". . .Ms. Wilson also testified [on March
16, 2007] that certain information provided
to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
by the CPD reports officer was "twisted and
" in order to support the inaccurate
claim that Ms. Wilson had suggested Ambassador
Wilson for the Niger mission. Ms. Wilson testified
that after the Senate report was issued, she
spoke personally with the CPD reports officer it
referenced. According to Ms. Wilson, the CPD reports
officer was extremely upset that his statements
to the Committee had been distorted, and he wanted
to correct the record. Ms. Wilson testified that
the CPD reports officer drafted a memo to this
effect, but he was not allowed to send it. The
officer also requested that he be re-interviewed
by the Committee, but this request was also
denied, according to Ms. Wilson.

Ms. Wilson's testimony raises concerns about the
accuracy of the Senate Report and the actions of
the CIA
in providing information to the Senate
Committee. To help the Committee understand these
issues, I request that you provide to the Committee
copies of the CPD reports officer's memorandum and
any other records containing information concerning
Ms. Wilson's role in Ambassador Wilson's February
2002 tnp to Niger. I also request copies of all
other documents relating to any effons to correct
inaccurate information included in the Senate
Report regarding Ambassador Wilson's mission to
. . ."

buckle your seatbelts, kids -- remember that
lying to a house committee is still a felony. . .

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